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Gayo Arabica Coffee Summerfield (Specialty) 250g - COFFEE BEANS, MEDIUM

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100% Gayo Arabica coffee beans All Summerfield Roastery products have been certified by the Health Office, very Safe to Consume. DINAS KESEHATAN P-IRT : 510121202138425 Summerfield Roastery works directly with coffee farmers to create consistent taste and quality, and the products in circulation are ensured a maximum of 3 days from the roasting date, in order to ensure the quality and freshness of the coffee beans in circulation. - Type : Arabica Specialty - Origin : Takengon, Central Aceh - Process : Semi Wash - Flavor Notes : Brown Sugar, Dried Fruit, Slight Spices - Net : 250 grams - Packaging : One way Valve, Aluminum Foil Roast Level - Medium : Suitable for coffee connoisseurs with a strong and sharp aroma, and a sour taste. - Medium Dark : Suitable for coffee connoisseurs with a sharper, more concentrated, and bitter-tasting body. Please select the description of the milled variant: - COFFEE BEANS : Roasted coffee beans, ground by themselves when brewing. - ROUGH GILING : French Press, Cold Drip, Chemex, Cupping. - MEDIUM GILING : Pour Over, Vietnam Drip (Kalita, V60, etc). - FINE GILING : Manual Espresso, Espresso, Moka Pot, Syphon, Tubruk. Select the size of coffee in the form of beans / powder according to the method to be used, if there is a size selection error, immediately chat the admin to be replaced, the product that has been sent cannot be replaced again. Note: 1. If the product is active, then the stock is always ready. 2. Public Holidays, No Delivery (Adjusting conditions) 3. Regular Expedition, Maximum order at 16:00 to be delivered on the same day. 4. Instant Courier, Maximum order at 16:00 to be delivered on the same day. 5. SameDay Courier, Maximum order at 15:00 to be delivered on the same day. 6. Orders that are past the time of ordering are attempted to be delivered on the same day as well. Thanks Warm Regards from the Summerfield Roastery Team