FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Indo4ward?
Where can I shop for Indonesia products?
How do I reset my passwords?
Why am I redirected to quotation when pasting a marketplace link?
Can we send food over to Singapore?
What are the items that cannot be shipped?
How does Indo4ward charge me?
How will Indo4ward settle a dispute?
Can I raise a dispute on my shipping fee quoted?
Can I purchase products from different merchants or E-commerce websites in one order?
What are the payment methods that I can use?
How do I use my vouchers?
Are my Payment details and data secure?
When will I receive my orders?
How do I track my orders?
How do I update my address information?
How long will it take for it to reach Singapore?
Will there be any Custom fee (GST) charged?
Where can we ship to?
Can I send items over 30kg?
Where does my item ship from?
What if my items does not look like the picture or description provided by the Seller?
Can I track where my Items are? Tracking Code?
When will my items be purchased for me?
What are the operating hours?